CeraPhi Energy

Making farming sustainable with geothermal energy

28 March 2024

We are working with Wellfield Farm in North Yorkshire and other partners to spearhead a groundbreaking project aimed at revolutionising farming practices and enhance sustainability through the repurposing of existing depleted deep gas wells to produce geothermal energy.

David Ward, Co-Owner, of Wellfield Farm said;
This is an exciting time for the future of my farm and other farmers looking to diversify. I am delighted to be working with a range of experts in this field to create a circular approach to our farming, combining waste materials and a renewable heat source to establish a low carbon energy and biofuel/fertiliser market in our local economy.

Russell Hoare, Director or Yorkshire Projects for CeraPhi Energy added;
This project allows us to repurpose our wells for innovative research and development. If these feasibility studies prove to be successful we envisage the AD plant would provide heat, biofuels and fertiliser to local farmers (potentially using an existing subterranean redundant pipeline system for local distribution of biogas). The biofuel could also be exported to the gas grid via the existing redundant pipeline. If successful, this could provide a national solution for dealing with depleted fossil fuel wells, allowing other landowners and farmers to seize the opportunity created by the repurposing of these assets.

The project is supported by the Innovate UK Farming Innovation Programme which seeks to explore the potential of utilising geothermal energy to enhance the efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.


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