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Our Purpose..

CeraPhi’s purpose is to help the world get to net zero by providing clean geothermal energy solutions delivering impact change in carbon reduction. We manage our business in a fair, transparent, integral, and ethical manner to achieve our purpose, while caring for the planet and improving people’s lives. Our challenge is to unlock six billion years of energy beneath our feet everywhere for everyone.


At CeraPhi Energy ESG is embedded in everything we do. Our mission and primary aim is to help the world achieve NET ZERO while caring for people and the planet.

ESG is an ongoing process in which we look for new and innovative ways to generate a positive impact on the planet and society.

We focus on 3 main areas:

Help organisations achieve Net Zero while preserving the environment

Deliver a positive social impact, generating sustainable solutions to critical social issues with a view of actively contributing to the UN 17 SDG

Manage the business in a fair, integral, transparent and ethical manner


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set a global framework for countries, businesses and other organisations to create a better and more sustainable future. We support the United Nations Development Goals and although we contribute to the majority of them, we focus our activity on those we can directly impact.​

Baseload energy solution providing energy, water, heat and cooling security everywhere for everyone. Invest in geothermal technology to provide​:

  • energy security including remote locations​.
  • Clean water​.
  • Heat and cooling.
  • Agriculture solutions​.

Agile and scalable solution for agriculture, aquaculture, food dehydration, vertical farming​. Projects (food production and processing solutions)​

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Food dehydration
  • Green house heating
  • Soil warming
  • Agriculture drying
  • Food production (grain, fish, milk).

Direct heating and cooling for homes and industries​. Geothermal

  • Home heating/cooling
  • Industry heating/cooling
  • Green hydrogen production

Just jobs transition from different industries Geothermal Education​​

  • Transferability of skills from oil & gas and other industries​
  • Education in geothermal​
  • Involve Universities in studying and developing geothermal solutions.​

Equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in all operations.​​

    • Promote/advocate equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in the industry.
  • Promote this values through all our operations creating major impact in off grid remote locations.​

Water desalinisation Projects, minimizing harmful by-products with closed loop systems​. ​

    • Water desalinization Projects​.
  • Heat and humidify green houses while producing clean water. ​
  • Elimination of untreated waste water in any of our operations.

CeraPhi's® mission is to deliver an impact change to carbon reduction, providing a decarbonising baseload 1-2-1 energy transition solution.​ ​

  • Geothermal energy production​.
  • Geothermal Heat and cooling systems for houses, offices and industry with reduced cost per MW of power/heat.​
  • Food production solutions​.

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Retrofitting O&G production wells.​ CeraPhiWell™. ​ Cost effective drilling CeraPhiFDS™​ ​

  • Retrofitting of O&G production wells​ CeraPhiWell™.
  • Cost effective drilling CeraPhiFDS™. ​
  • Use geothermal in agriculture.​
  • Involve Universities in studying and developing geothermal solutions.​

Support, drive, achieve grater equality and opportunity for all.​

Geothermal energy can supply direct residential and commercial grade heating and cooling anywhere in the world.​ Sustainable transport system:

  • Green hydrogen​.
  • Geothermal EV charging points​.
  • Snow melting for roads​.
  • Improving air quality: ​
  • Geothermal heating/cooling for homes and business​.
  • Domestic water heating​.
  • Heat for industrial processes​.
  • Sustainable business, sustainability as core of our operation​

    • Having policies and processes on HSE to protect people and the environment.
    • Report performance on safety and the environment.​

    • Commitment to Paris Agreement​.
    • UN Race to Net Zero.

    • No untreated waste to water in CeraPhi operations​.
    • Geothermal application in fishing industries.​

    ​Repurpose O&G facilities for Geothermal energy and take special care for biodiversity in new projects .​

    • Reuse/repurpose existing O&G facilities for Geothermal energy production.
    • Minimize the carbon footprint of our new facilities taking special care for biodiversity.

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    • Participate on debates on policy issues that involve the generation of clean energy and geothermal solutions.​
    • Work in sustainable partnerships.​
    • Partnerships with universities, trade associations, and government special interest groups.

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