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CeraPhi Energy and Geothermal Ukraine Join Forces to Unleash Ukraine's Vast Geothermal Potential

28th May 2024

CeraPhi Energy, a world leader in advanced closed-loop geothermal solutions, and NGO Geothermal Ukraine (GU), a non-profit pioneering geothermal research and development organisation, today announced the signing of a Heads of Terms agreement.  This landmark collaboration unites CeraPhi’s proprietary CeraPhiWell™ technology with GU’s extensive scientific expertise to accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy across Ukraine.

Ukraine possess immense geothermal potential, with an estimated over 10 gigawatts (GW) of power and heat generation capacity based on information from the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

CeraPhi Energy’s closed-loop CeraPhiWell™ system offers a unique solution for harnessing this potential by repurposing end-of-life oil and gas wells or deploying newly drilled medium-depth wells for heating, cooling, and power generation.  In collaboration with other geothermal solution providers, CeraPhi Energy also provides hybrid solutions for geothermal energy deployment with a geothermal anywhere and everywhere approach.

CeraPhi CEO Karl Farrow said, “Ukraine has a rich history as an industrialised nation with a legacy oil and gas sector.  CeraPhi can strengthen that with our expertise in geothermal energy, combined with our proprietary well-repurposing technology and experienced management team, helping Ukraine’s energy security and decarbonisation efforts.”

Geothermal energy presents a promising solution to Ukraine’s many energy challenges – dependence on imported fossil fuels, aging infrastructure, and geopolitical tensions all affect energy security.  By tapping into this renewable resource, Ukraine can diversify its energy mix, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate economic growth, and create new job opportunities.  Ukraine has significant conventional geothermal potential, particularly in its western regions.  There are over 10000 oil and gas wells in the western part of the country and it is expected that over 1000 of these might be repurposed for geothermal energy production.

“Our collaboration with CeraPhi Energy represents a significant stride towards realising our vision of establishing geothermal energy as a cornerstone of Ukraine’s renewable energy landscape,” said Taras Popadynets, Head of Geothermal Ukraine.  “Together, we possess the knowledge, experience, and drive to turn this ambition into a tangible reality that will benefit generations to come.”

Key objectives of the partnership include feasibility assessments for repurposing existing oil and gas infrastructure, joint research and development initiatives, comprehensive workforce training programs, and public outreach campaigns to raise awareness of the geothermal energy benefits.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and energy independence, CeraPhi Energy and Geothermal Ukraine are poised to make a lasting impact on Ukraine’s energy sector, fostering economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and a resilient future powered by the earth’s boundless heat.