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CeraPhi Energy Contributes to Industry Leading Whitepaper on Climate Change

9 August 2022

The UK’s first end to end Geothermal business – CeraPhi Energy – located in Great Yarmouth – has announced its contribution and evidence submission to the Halston Group’s recent white paper, ‘Entering The Greentech Era’.

Providing evidence demonstrating how the adoption of Geothermal Energy – at scale – could support 2050 climate change goals, MD of the CeraPhi Energy business, Karl Farrow, contributed to the ‘Predictions for The Future’ section of the industry report.


Looking at the Greentech sector, the unprecedented expansion of this and how a blend of these technologies could contribute to achieving the 2050 climate change goals, a number of guest contributors – including senior figures from Solar Water PLC, Powerstar, Hydrock, Tribosonics and Tallama – have participated in the report, all of which will shape and influence the future direction on the use of Greentech.

Speaking about CeraPhi Energy’s contribution to the industry report, Karl said: “It’s very important for us as a business and leading authority on Geothermal Energy, that we contribute and participate in papers like this and collaboratively work with others across the Greentech space to make sure we work towards achieving the 2050 climate change goals.

‘Without working in partnership to integrate all Greentech solutions as an answer to the climate change challenge, it is most unlikely the targets of 2050 will be achieved.

‘Geothermal energy is a real and viable solution to meeting this challenge, reducing energy costs and significantly decreasing carbon footprint.  These reports are important in getting that message across and demonstrating the blend of energy solutions needed to make change a reality.’

Formed last year, CeraPhi is the first company in the UK to offer a complete end to end geothermal energy solution from securing finance to full development and build or equity return and – in May – announced it had been appointed to support Petrofac on a ‘first of its kind’ study that will test whether oil and gas wells in the North Sea can be repurposed for geothermal energy.

Geothermal is a form of renewable energy taken from heat derived from the earth’s subsurface and which is contained within rocks and fluids.  It is one of the cleanest forms of energy and can be used both as a direct power source as well as for heating and cooling utilities.

Follow the link, CeraPhi Energy – Green Tech Era – Whitepaper Video – YouTube, for more information.


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