CeraPhi Energy

CeraPhi Energy Contributes to Halston Groups White Paper ‘Entering the Greentech Era

22 September 2022

We are delighted to announce that CeraPhi has contributed and provided evidence to the Halston Group’s recent white paper, ‘Entering the Greentech Era’.

Providing evidence demonstrating how the adoption of Geothermal Energy, at scale, could support the 2050 climate change goals, we have contributed to the ‘Predictions for The Future’ section of this industry leading report.

Our contribution sits with a number of other senior commentators from the Greentech space including senior figures from Solar Water PLC, Powerstar, Hydrock, Tribosonics 

and Tallama, all of whom affirm how a blend of these technologies could contribute to achieving the 2050 climate change goals.

It is very important that as a business and leading authority on Geothermal Energy CeraPhi Energy contributes and participates in papers like these and collaboratively

works with others across the Greentech space to make sure we all work towards achieving the 2050 climate change goals.

To download the Halston Group White paper click  here.