CeraPhi Energy

CeraPhi Energy Achieves More than 5,000 LinkedIn Followers

22 September 2022

In August CeraPhi Energy achieved a significant social media milestone hitting over 5,000 followers on the LinkedIn platform.

Using social media to communicate the benefits and importance of Geothermal Energy in the clean energy mix has always been an important strategic focus for CeraPhi Energy and we are delighted that our continued focus on communicating through this medium has achieved so many followers.

Over the last few months we have released a number of news pieces which have communicated the significant progress and growth within the CeraPhi Energy business and we are excited by the very clear level of interest and engagement we are generating across the social media space. Very recently we announced the launch of our crowdfunding on the US platform JUSTLY as we seek to achieve a $15m capital raise and are delighted by the response we have received so far. To find out more about this visit the JUSTLY site and to find out more about the CeraPhi Energy Technology follow us on LinkedIn, visit our website or view our video.