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“Geothermal is an engineering problem..."

CeraPhi’s® mission is to deliver an impact change to carbon reduction, providing a decarbonising baseload 1-2-1 energy transition solution.

Using expertise from years of Oil & Gas production, we are tapping into experience and resources to unlock more than six billion years of energy stored under our feet.

Geothermal energy is everywhere for everyone.

Geothermal Revolution

What is Geothermal?

  • Geothermal is the only true baseload energy.
  • It’s available everywhere and anywhere.
  • 99% of the earth’s volume has temperatures exceeding 1,000 °C making it one giant battery with enough clean renewable energy to last billions of years.

Geothermal is:

Geothermal - Its Key Benefits

About us
  • Geothermal is a baseload green energy available everywhere
  • The average temperature needed to produce Geothermal energy is >70°C
  • Thermal energy heat of between 30°C and 120°C is enough to supply commercial grade heating and cooling from Geothermal Energy anywhere in the world


  • Geothermal is the only renewable energy capable of providing 24/7 baseload capacity anywhere
  • Baseload is the ability to provide continuous energy 24/7 whatever the environmental condition
  • It offers reliability to fill the gap between solar and wind. Solar can’t provide energy in darkness hours and wind energy is affected when the wind doesn’t blow or blows too fast.
  • Geothermal price is stable
  • It provides flexible on and off-grid energy solutions allowing conversion of existing coal and other fossil fuel to empower generation of a fully renewable source
  • It uses existing infrastructure, transmission and distribution systems saving billions of pounds in network modification costs.
  • Geothermal is cost-competitive against other renewable sources
  • Energy produced from Geothermal is more than electricity:
    • Thermal energy for heating and cooling with no losses
  • Heating using electricity from wind or solar uses up to 70% more energy to convert to heat or cooling that results in significant energy efficiency loss pound for pound.

True 1-2-1 Baseload Renewable Energy Transition …

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

True 100% renewable baseload, night and day, 24/7

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

Zero fuel combustion, zero carbon emissions

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

Minimal environment impact, less surface land usage

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

New-build capacity or conversion of existing fossil fuel plants at scale

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

Available anywhere in the world at scale

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

Grid availability without overloads 24/7

Baseload Renewable Energy Transition

Lowest cost, emissions free electricity, anywhere

  • Geothermal provides a competitive solution to wind and solar.
  • It can be even cheaper, under the right circumstances. Its main advantage is that is a 24/7 baseload energy providing continuous energy whether the sun shines or the wind blows.
  • As a continuous supply, it can be peaked and turned on and off as needed at any time.
  • Geothermal is an ‘anywhere any time’ energy
  • It can be connected on or off grid to meet specific energy needs for multiple private usages without reliance on expensive transmission infrastructure for:
  • Industrial sites
  • Retail parks
  • Businesses

Geothermal provides the same hot steam vapour that drives coal-fired power plants so it can be used in the transition of these plants, replacing the coal feed stock with steam directly from underground geothermal wells.

  • Geothermal is a solution for a quick transition from fossil fuel power to clean green energy.
  • It replaces the dirty feed stock from coal and removes the need to mine coal, which would have a massive impact on combatting climate change.
  • Retrofitting old coal and gas-fired power plant infrastructure will reduce the carbon footprint by reusing existing infrastructure.
  • Customers’ transition and distribution systems would be in place

Management Team


Entrepreneur with > 30 years in international energy sector leading project development, investment, commercial strategy execution. A visionary leader and business manager, who has led global operations for major project developers and managed multi-billion project portfolios at private and state level.

20 years of experience working in Infrastructure and Renewable Energy project finance ranging from £5m to £6bn in transaction size in a variety of sectors including Rail, Education, Central Government as well as Energy Infrastructure. Education: B.Sc. (Hons) from Heriot-Watt University, Dip Acc. A.F. and MBIFM.

Gary Williams

>30 years’ energy sector experience in business operation and strategy. An entrepreneur with FT UK top 100 Companies’ experience and a strong operation and management background across the international energy sector, working with private and public sector energy projects around the globe.

Iain Pittman

> 30 years well engineering construction and field operations covering well intervention and well abandonment across the energy sector. Proven track record in concept evaluation, technology developing testing and integration, project engineering and management.

> 10 years Energy Business Economics, University of Aberdeen graduate, private and public sector experience with UN Economic Commission for Europe, UN Conference on Trade and Development experience project developer through execution and delivery managing risk and stakeholder interests.

Advisory Board

Chris Sladen

Chris, brings a unique global experience from >30 years as a BP executive in China, Mexico where for over 15 years he was heading BP LATAM Business, Chris is a well-known media contributor to steering energy policy and regulations and education sectors having been recognised by the UK Government with both an MBE and CBE and being the first foreigner to receive the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle.

Celia Anderson

Celia former government liaison on skills with the oil & gas industry, to founder of Skills for Energy, former East of England Energy Group Executive Director, Director of a STEM Hub in the East of England, and currently Offshore Wind Sector Deal People and Skills Director with Renewable UK, Celia continues to dedicate her lifetime of experience to skill and training.

Nezar Afshar

Nezar has >40 years’ experience in the energy sector, experience drilling and oil field tools expert former Baker Hughes Operation Manager Middle East and responsible for Business Development throughout the MENA region. Nezar  is a keen advocate for clean energy transition and joins the company located in Abu Dubai overseeing opportunities within the Middle East and North African Region

>15 years’ a Technical Project Management, Senior Mechanical Engineer with International Business Development experience throughout five continents in the energy sector; from local content integration, corporate and social responsibility, contract negotiation, project management, and strategic planning of socially complex projects. 

40 years’ experience in the global energy industry as an operations manager, non-executive director, director and managing director in the oil and gas industry, SMEs and the charity sector.

3rd Generation Houstonian, Lafayette has >30 Years in the Texas and wider US energy space, a senior energy project developer across the North American working for over 15 years in executive level roles in major utilities businesses across the midstream and downstream energy sector, dealing with regulatory, and legislative issues and policy change with an B.A in Political Science at the University of Houston and M.B.A. in Finance from Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University.

Farley Vilaca

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Farley brings >30 years as a senior energy sector expert with an MBA in Enterprise Management, Master’s Degree in Systems of Innovation and Open Innovation Management. An expert in market intelligence, business development, international partnership, negotiation, crisis management and leadership for problem solving and technology qualification, strategic disruptive technologies for cost reduction and increase performance to the energy sector.

Ken Seymour

Ken has >40 years’ experience in the energy sector, studying with a Shell Scholarship at University of Leeds where he obtained a first-class honour in degree in Mining Engineering and a PhD in Rock Mechanics. As solid career through BP, CNR, in drilling management and business development with over 20 years consulting roles for most of major international companies operating within the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.

Nezar Afshar

Nezar has >40 years’ experience in the energy sector, experience drilling and oil field tools expert former Baker Hughes Operation Manager Middle East and responsible for Business Development throughout the MENA region. Nezar  is a keen advocate for clean energy transition and joins the company located in Abu Dubai overseeing opportunities within the Middle East and North African Region


Core Values