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CeraPhi® with its strong Intellectual Property Patent Box and Scalable Licensable Technology Platform provides plug and play solutions for “Geothermal Everywhere” providing a proven de-risked modular delivery solution “Project in a Box” applicable and accessible to everyone, anywhere.


CeraPhiWell™ proprietary patents covers the design and installation of a downhole heat exchanger system utilizing existing technologies in a novel manner. The system has a level of flexibility that allows the recovery of commercially useable heat energy from the sub-surface virtually anywhere around the globe. Additionally, the CeraPhiWell™ can be considered a fallback / insurance option for those wells that fall short of expectations regarding well production. In this type of instance CeraPhiWell™ retrofit architecture can be installed to bring some commercial return instead of having to undertake a costly well abandonment.


CeraPhiGen™ is the proprietary development of energy optimisation, the outcome of modelling from our CeraPhiPro™ software providing a custom build energy solution aligned to the end user requirements. The Generation of a bespoke business case and case specific solution modelled for the user’s specific energy offtake whether that be, power heat, cooling, combined heat and power, water treatment, desalination, green hydrogen or aquaculture and agriculture or a combination of several of these. CeraPhiGen™ is the next generation of energy modelling with confidence.


CeraPhiPro™ proprietary patents covers the design and implementation of a project management system built to manage geothermal projects for their entire lifecycle. From well construction and plant installation through operations and maintenance phases and on to final decommissioning. CeraPhiPro™ integration enables the end user to understand the outline processes and the parameters required to deliver their energy and commercial needs.

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Power & Heat Networks
The Energy Cascade

Green Hydrogen Production

Geothermal energy can be used to produce Green Hydrogen using steam turbine electricity generation and high temperature electrolysis or by solid state methods capable of using much lower temperature resources. For the use of metal hydrides geothermal energy can be used to assist the storage management. Also, by using hydrides, heat energy can be transported considerable distances as hydrogen gas for transport, heating and cooling purposes. Many communities in the world could benefit from linking their geothermal resources to the development of a hydrogen energy economy.

Desalination & Water Treatment

Geothermal desalination is a process to produce fresh water using thermal heat energy. There are significant benefits from using direct Desal. This method of desalination requires less maintenance than reverse osmosis. Primary energy input is from geothermal heat, which is a low-environmental-impact source of energy.