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Ceraphi Energy™ and Genius Energy Lab Announce Agreement

Ceraphi Energy™ And Genius Energy Lab Announce Agreement

14 April 2021

A new union of two market leaders will pioneer large-scale commercial geothermal heating systems to meet the challenge of reliable heating in a decarbonised world, as CeraPhi Energy™ and Genius Energy Lab (GEL) announce signing of a heads of terms agreement to deliver geothermal solutions for industrial, urban and domestic heating systems.

The GEL team has designed and delivered ground source heat pump systems to the large commercial building, large residential and social housing construction supply chain for more than 20 years.

CeraPhi® and GEL will now use the best practices of oil and gas and ground source expertise to fill the gap when and where wind and solar can’t meet peak demand risking outages such as those affecting millions of people in Texas earlier this year.


GEL technology director Chris Davidson described CeraPHi’s proprietary CeraPhiWell™ technology – as a step change bringing the deep geothermal and ground source heat pump sectors together using deeper wells newly drilled or repurposed late life abandoned oil and gas wells to draw on heat from deep underground – as “one of the most innovative solutions” and “the next big thing” in scaling heat networks as part of the decarbonisation within the energy transition.

CeraPhi Energy™ CEO Karl Farrow Said:
“Heat represents a huge global challenge in the decarbonisation across industry, residential and domestic sectors because it represents a significant drain on the baseload electrical power sector when demand peaks. “

“Increasingly hotter summers and colder winters, even in the UK, are putting strain on the grid with more cooling demand especially growing in summer months. This winter, there was more heating demand across Europe. Even in places like Texas, solar and wind have clearly demonstrated limitations during peak demand.”

“This alliance stands to bring about a significant step change and shift in the commercial scalability and effectiveness in the use of heat within the decarbonisation process. It also will bring wider acceptance of using heat as a direct source of energy, whether for space heating or cooling. “

“Further, it will also add baseload power into the mix, which is scalable across many industrial and domestic sectors.”

GEL Managing Director Richard Davis Said:
“We have developed a working model where we can analyse variables around repurposed well assets to deliver potentially huge carbon savings for decades to come.”

“The CeraPhi® team’s background in the oil and gas industry and their knowledge of abandoned wells, combined with our skills in modelling of the ground, understanding of heat networks and heat pumps is already delivering some very compelling commercials.”

“There is significant benefit in leveraging each other’s specialties to produce some fantastic solutions for our customers. It is a very exciting prospect.”

GEL Technology Director Chris Davidson Said:
“The CeraPhiWell™ technology is without doubt one of the most innovative solutions we’ve seen and we are very excited to continue our work to develop the models and pinpoint test sites to confirm our expectations. This promises to be the next big thing.”