CeraPhi Energy

CeraPhi Drilling Solutions is born

21  November 2023

CeraPhi Energy has launched its Drilling Solutions business, providing the perfect platform to install CeraPhiWell systems. 

The CeraPhi Drilling Solutions business plans to target deeper well drilling from around 500 metres to 2000 meters. The plan is to access better quality temperatures for next generation ambient loop heat networks. By increasing the recoverable temperature, it reduces the temperature differential. This increases the coefficient of performance of the system, reducing cost and increasing operational margins and system performance.

CeraPhi Drilling Solutions Director Paul Fowler said: “This is a great opportunity to provide a scalable solution to maximise the abundance of thermal energy from the heat beneath our feet. The deeper we go, the hotter it gets and drilling to a higher quality heat provides significant benefits for the future of heat networks and the resilience of those systems we install. The interest from the MOD, developers on residential projects, individuals looking to decarbonise private estates, distilleries, football stadiums, schools and leisure centres has been incredible, we already have more than 5 projects in the pipeline which will be delivered within the next 6 months.”

CEO of CeraPhi Energy Karl Farrow said: “It’s a natural go-to market strategy for the deployment of our CeraPhiWell solution. It will manage drilling risk and provide an integrated delivery solution taking the heat directly to our customer interconnections and offtakes. It will enable them to connect their heat pumps directly to a higher quality and more efficient source of energy”.

CeraPhi has started drilling on projects within the UK. Over the coming months they will invest extensively in their capacity to install fully integrated heat network systems through their Drilling Solutions Business for the USA market within the first quarter of 2024. By the end of 2024, they hope to be providing fully integrated system networks to projects around Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York State.