Our Goals

In CeraPhi Energy Sustainability dominates all our business decisions and practices. We pay special care of how our company performs but also at the impact it has on the planet and people in order to contribute to a more sustainable and fair society.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set a global framework for countries, businesses and other organisations to create a better and more sustainable future. We support the United Nations Development Goals and although we contribute to the majority of them, we focus our activity on those we can directly impact.​

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Our Goals
1 - No Poverty 2 - Zero Hunger 3 - Good Health & Well Being 4 - Quality Education 5 - Gender Equality 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infastructure 10 - Reduced Inequalities 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production 13 - Climate Action 14 - Life Below Water 15 - Life On Land 16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions 17 - Partnerships For The Goals

1 - No Poverty

Baseload energy solution providing energy, water, heat and cooling everywhere for everyone.

  • Energy security including remote locations
  • Clean water
  • Heat and cooling
  • Agriculture solutions
  • Employment generation

2 - Zero Hunger

Scalable geothermal heating solution for food security, production and processing.

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Food dehydration
  • Vertical farming

3 - Good Health & Well Being

Direct heating and cooling for homes and industries reducing air contamination and noise​.​

  • Heat extraction process is quieter than other energy sources​
  • No harmful emissions released during production​
  • Decarbonising energy production

4 - Quality Education

Transition of skills from different industries and contributing to geothermal education.

  • Transferability of skills from oil & gas and other industries
  • Education of geothermal processes and benefits
  • Working with Universities in developing geothermal solutions
  • Educating local communities in CeraPhi Energy project locations

5 - Gender Equality

We will encourage, promote and advocate equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in all roles within CeraPhi Energy.​

  • Adopt and strengthen sound policies to ensure gender equality is upheld​
  • Promote equality in CeraPhi Energy project location​

6 - Clean Water & Sanitation

Minimising harmful by-products with our closed loop systems.

  • Contributing to waste management solutions
  • Providing clean water through desalination facilities
  • Elimination of untreated waste water in any of our operations

7 - Affordable & Clean Energy

CeraPhi Energy’s mission is to deliver a decarbonised baseload energy solution to help the world reach the net zero target.

  • Geothermal energy is clean and available 24/7
  • Available everywhere and anywhere
  • Competitively priced and scalable energy solution
  • Zero waste generated during production through our close loop technology

8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth

Promote job transition from different industries and create an inclusive, respectful, safe and secure work environment.​

  • Generating energy through innovative technologies​
  • Creating an industry where there was none
  • Requiring a broad range of skills and experience levels
  • Encourage personal development within the workplace​

9 - Industry, Innovation & Infastructure

CeraPhi Energy provides innovative, patented technological solutions facilitating the creation of industry and infrastructure for networked and off grid applications. ​

  • Our new technology provides long term sustainable heating, cooling and power infrastructure
  • Our versatile solutions will provide energy in an innovative fashion in locations previously without service​
  • Retrofitting O&G production wells using CeraPhiWell™ which extends the life of existing infrastructure, turning liabilities into assets

10 - Reduced Inequalities

Support, recognise and achieve greater equality and opportunity for all in our workplace, welcoming diversity and inclusion.

  • Provide considered, inclusive and fair employment
  • Confront and address energy poverty and inequality by providing combined heat and power in remote locations

11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities

CeraPhi Energy technology can build energy and food security and independence to settlements of all sizes. ​

  • Provision of district and community heating and cooling systems
  • Reduce pollution through combined heat and power geothermal energy​
  • Generate green hydrogen to power public transport

12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

At CeraPhi Energy environmental awareness is paramount in everything we do. Our processes solutions and technology are all developed with the aim to protect the planet.

  • CeraPhi Well enables clean energy production and consumption
  • Our drilling and construction methods always endeavour to create a minimal environmental impact
  • Enact a responsible HSEQ policy

13 - Climate Action

CeraPhi Energy purpose is to provide clean geothermal energy solutions to help the world achieve net zero. We support the goals of the Paris Agreement.​

14 - Life Below Water

CeraPhi Energy produces a clean product that helps decarbonize energy production, this process replaces the need to burn fossil fuel which reduces water pollution. ​

  • ​Decarbonization of energy production reduces the environmental damage to our waterways and seas.
  • CeraPhi Energy operations are carefully designed and monitored to protect the environment

15 - Life On Land

CeraPhi Energy solution has a minimal physical and environmental impact.

  • A very small plot of land is required during the drilling of our wells, this footprint is significantly reduced for production facilities
  • Smallest land footprint in the green energy mix
  • Take special care for biodiversity in new projects minimizing the carbon and land footprint
  • Repurpose O&G facilities for Geothermal energy production negates the need for additional disturbance

16 - Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

We support and enact the guidelines of the UN Global Compact.

  • Human rights​
  • Labor​
  • Environment​
  • Anti-corruption​

17 - Partnerships For The Goals

At CeraPhi Energy we embrace a holistic approach with everything we do. Successful partnerships are essential to our business. ​

  • ​Participate on debates on policy issues that involve the generation of clean energy and geothermal solutions
  • Work in sustainable partnerships​
  • Collaboration with universities, trade associations, and government special interest groups