Ceraphi Energy

An Introductory Message
From Our CEO

“In these challenging and uncertain times, climate changes, global pandemic, financial instability, how and where to invest sustainably has become ever more a personal matter, influenced by many factors outside our control. Having had a successful career in the global energy sector and as an Investor and business entrepreneur myself I too faced the same challenge until I discovered Geothermal Energy.

After nearly 30 years in the energy sector I finally realized the reason for my life’s journey, discovering the true potential of the energy beneath our feet, so I decided to do something about it, bringing together the best minds and experts I could find to develop a scalable solution unleashing Geothermal Energy from its ubiquitous state to become our first choice of clean baseload energy within the next 30 years to help meet the 2050 Paris Agreement targets to achieve net zero.”

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