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Desalination & Water Treatment

Geothermal desalination is a process to produce fresh water using thermal heat energy. There are significant benefits from using direct Desal. This
method of desalination requires less maintenance than reverse osmosis. Primary energy input is from geothermal heat, which is a low-environmental-impact source of energy.

Desalination & Water Treatment

Green Hydrogen Production

Geothermal energy can be used to produce Green Hydrogen using steam turbine electricity generation and high temperature electrolysis or by solid state methods capable of using much lower temperature resources. For the use of metal hydrides geothermal energy can be used to assist the storage management. Also, by using hydrides, heat energy can be transported considerable distances as hydrogen gas for transport, heating and cooling purposes. Many communities in the world could benefit from linking their geothermal resources to the development of a hydrogen energy economy.


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